A Ray of Hope

Finally the weather has changed and the wind is bringing on spring here in Wenatchee! It is my favorite time of year for many reasons but mostly because I can get outdoors to run.  My cut off for running outside is 40 degrees, which is is still cold but doable for this ex-Alaskan girl.

I live in a wonderful place with great friends who are like family to me.  Since I do not see my family very often it has been a great blessing to have these kinds of friends.  I think Heavenly Father has healed a lot of my old wounds through them and it has brought me a ray of hope for my future and given me the ability to look forward with a positive attitude.

As I sat in the temple on Friday night, I had a comforting feeling that all I am trying to do well now is acceptable to God.  I am not focusing on huge things but rather working on the small things like prayer and scripture study, it has made me more hopeful and therefore happier.

Our family is finally four again since David came home yesterday…


Jason and I put in a lot of miles this last week.  Well, Jason actually drove and I kept him company.  There was only one time that I may have talked too much. Ha ha!

First, we went to Spokane for Jason's work retreat.  Jason wasn't feeling great, but it was still nice to get away and stay at a nice hotel and eat delicious food all on a company's dime.  I think we spent a whole $30.00 on the entire weeks adventures!

Second, we went to Federal Way to watch the little guy swim for a total of 52 seconds during his leg of the relay.  He kept telling us not to come but I told him that this is what parents do! We spend many minutes, sometimes hours, waiting to see our kids do something great for a few seconds.

Most of the athletes looked liked adult monsters compared to Evan, who is 14 and almost 1/2 years old, and I was impressed by the size of the pool.  Evan looked like he was having a lot of fun watching and hanging out with friends.  He informed me that he can take an ice b…

On to State!

GOOD LUCK EVAN Evan placed 6th in the 100 m Breast stroke at Districts.
Eastmont 4x100 m Free relay is heading to State this Thursday.

Wild Winter

The VanderSluis' gang is still hanging in there trying to work hard and do well in school. I took a little break from the blog because I had a lot going on with my job and life this fall. So, instead of feeling guilty about not doing it, I chose to put it on the back burner for a while. But now I am back!

ME: I am doing the best I can in my job even though it can be rough disciplining underdeveloped minds.  I have been focusing on food a lot these days and it has been a good thing!  I realized that I do not eat often enough and then I am starving.  This leads to all kinds of bad things since I switched work outs to early mornings.  I have found many new favorite foods that are easy to grab before work and scarf down in front of my students.  I think they are use to me eating every class!
I still rehearse 6 choirs this year and teach kindergarten and 1st grade music.  I cannot believe how much planning goes into my job and when I don't plan I FAIL.  My school is turning into a …

Busy as ever!

David graduated from High School and then we dropped our baby off at college.  THE HARDEST thing I have ever done is cut the cord. David is getting along well and learning how to study and take care of himself.  I worry every day but in a good way, he sends me texts of what he's eating and sounds happy. All of us are still adjusting and I am confident he will do great things.
Evan is a freshman this year and getting ready to start swim in two weeks.  He is as sassy as ever, a good friend to me, and likes all the attention he gets as the only child for the next four years.  I just want him to stay little but his sense of humor gets sharper every year so I look forward to that growth!

Out entire family loves MUSIC. I'm the only one who only gets paid right now for my passion.  Both kids are getting into guitar and both of my boys have amazing singing voices.  Evan has studied longer and sings all day which I totally love and appreciate.  Jason shares songs and talks to us about a…

June update

The other day, I was sharing something simple about my childhood and Evan turned to me and said. "I literally know nothing about your life.  And you have an interesting one!"

I thought a lot of things at that moment.
1.  I keep a journal- maybe I should share that now.
2.  Why is my life interesting?  I am just normal.
3. What have I not shared?

The third question almost sent me into a panic.  I thought that maybe my kids don't know the real me.   Fortunately, I soon calmed down from that thought because I know I have always been honest and open with them.  Obviously, I need to do a better job at sharing stories.

David has been working many hours the past few weeks in the warehouse for cherry season.  He is doing a great job staying positive at a boring job that pays time and half.  I think his first paycheck helped a great deal!  After my experience with Evan, I wondered if David felt the same way.  This last year I have been more consumed with David's life than my…

Don't Cry, Smile!

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. This sentence perfectly describes how I feel about my oldest child graduating from High School.  I did not shed one tear during the graduation week UNTIL I assembled a special picture collage to display at his party.  It hit me hard how quickly time passed and how much David and I love each other today.
I knew when he was born that I should cherish every moment and work hard to develop a relationship with my boy.  It has been my number one priority to be a better listener than a disciplinarian. To lead by example rather than tell him what to do. And, to share my love for my religion with my child.  As I stared at 50 some pictures all at once that represented 17 years of David's life, I knew that I had done it.  I knew that Dave had accomplished his goals so far too and that just got me crying and crying!

Our family has had a roller coaster of a year getting David where he needs to be but we did it!