Sunday, October 29, 2017

Busy as ever!

  •  David graduated from High School and then we dropped our baby off at college.  THE HARDEST thing I have ever done is cut the cord. David is getting along well and learning how to study and take care of himself.  I worry every day but in a good way, he sends me texts of what he's eating and sounds happy. All of us are still adjusting and I am confident he will do great things.
My baby- still little and needing his Mom.

  • Evan is a freshman this year and getting ready to start swim in two weeks.  He is as sassy as ever, a good friend to me, and likes all the attention he gets as the only child for the next four years.  I just want him to stay little but his sense of humor gets sharper every year so I look forward to that growth!
Evan's 7th grade pic.  His voice has changed and he's taller now.

Halloween with his best friends

Good Friends are priceless!
  • Out entire family loves MUSIC. I'm the only one who only gets paid right now for my passion.  Both kids are getting into guitar and both of my boys have amazing singing voices.  Evan has studied longer and sings all day which I totally love and appreciate.  Jason shares songs and talks to us about all of our musical ideas and we love him for supporting us in our crazy musical moments.
  • I have a new calling at church to lead the Young Women beehives who are 12 & 13 years old.  I'm excited and organized enough that I think I can fit that into my busy schedule. I have been listening daily to the Book of Mormon and have gained a better attitude about work since doing so.  I like my job but I still have days I wish I could stay home.  I am proud to be able to pay for Dave's college and scripture study has brought more meaning to my work. I have 6 choirs and one is only made up of boys- 34 of them! Yes, I am insane.
  • I have INSTAGRAM so if you don't follow me you should since I post on that quite a bit like a journal.  We just took another adventure in the Lexus around our area and it was gorgeous.
  • My best friend moved away and that made me sad. I tried to convince her not to move to UT but she did anyway.  The good thing is I now have my best friend and family all in the same area.
  • I still run 3 times a week and lift weights 2 times a week.  I got this idea to get up at 5 a.m. and it was torture at first but now I have more time after work to do everything else I need to do. My goal this school year is to run FASTER.  I have discovered that 400 meter repeats for 5 miles can send my heart rate up like nothing else! The good part is that I have tons of energy and I feel 25.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June update

The other day, I was sharing something simple about my childhood and Evan turned to me and said. "I literally know nothing about your life.  And you have an interesting one!"

I thought a lot of things at that moment.
1.  I keep a journal- maybe I should share that now.
2.  Why is my life interesting?  I am just normal.
3. What have I not shared?

The third question almost sent me into a panic.  I thought that maybe my kids don't know the real me.   Fortunately, I soon calmed down from that thought because I know I have always been honest and open with them.  Obviously, I need to do a better job at sharing stories.

David has been working many hours the past few weeks in the warehouse for cherry season.  He is doing a great job staying positive at a boring job that pays time and half.  I think his first paycheck helped a great deal!  After my experience with Evan, I wondered if David felt the same way.  This last year I have been more consumed with David's life than my own and recently I helped him sign up for classes.  With a few clicks on the computer he was all ready to go and it just amazed me how well the church has organized the university and mentors for my son.  Dave is very ready to leave home and have his own experiences.

Evan worked the past five days himself and came home saying the same things David did when he started working at 14.  Both boys came to the realization that many people work hard tedious jobs for very little pay.   They both learned the value of getting up at dawn to work and how to find time to play between work hours.  I have to say it is exciting to witness your kids learn the value of work!

Jason has worked over three weeks straight now without a day off and always has a great attitude about everything.  We can't wait to get out on the boat and take more trips in our adventure mobile.  We recently installed an awning with a mosquito net attached since I am allergic and hate them. So it looks like camping got even better!  Our first destination better be the beach.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Don't Cry, Smile!

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

This sentence perfectly describes how I feel about my oldest child graduating from High School.  I did not shed one tear during the graduation week UNTIL I assembled a special picture collage to display at his party.  It hit me hard how quickly time passed and how much David and I love each other today.
I knew when he was born that I should cherish every moment and work hard to develop a relationship with my boy.  It has been my number one priority to be a better listener than a disciplinarian. To lead by example rather than tell him what to do. And, to share my love for my religion with my child.  As I stared at 50 some pictures all at once that represented 17 years of David's life, I knew that I had done it.  I knew that Dave had accomplished his goals so far too and that just got me crying and crying!

Our family has had a roller coaster of a year getting David where he needs to be but we did it!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jan 2017 Update

My family has been on a super fast ride this year.  We are going here, and there, and everywhere it seems like.  So far, no one has been too sick this winter and our "to do" list for the house is getting done.  Here are a few pictures to catch you up on our lives.

Evan's first JH Band Concert.  He is there, somewhere.

My most difficult students on a Field Trip.  I survived December!

Chamber Choir performance Dec 2016

Team Captain and  Senior Swimmer

New lights and paint!

Evan is helping me make decor decisions.

David sang at the Voice of Eastmont.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Young Men

When Evan was a little guy he did a lot of things that drove me crazy like running out the front door at 2 when I wasn't looking or biting my on the softest part of my neck unexpectedly.  He also was the funniest guy with words and spoke at a very early age in full sentences.  I miss that crazy little boy sometimes however, I'm very much enjoying the young man he has become.  He still holds my hand through the parking lot and while we sit on a pew at church.  He asks me to tuck him in and tells me every last detail about his day at school.  He dutifully does his homework, practices his instrument, and cleans his room the same day he is asked!  What a great son.  Handsome too, right?

David has always been the kindest one in our family.  He is always in tune with how people are feeling and whether or not they feel left out.  When he was a toddler he use to pat my back while I cried because I was overwhelmed with motherhood.  He'd say, "It's okay Mommy.  You are a good Mommy."
Today he is getting more and more confident and asks a lot of great questions about our religion and beliefs.  He is not taking anything at face value and searching it out.  David is great with children, like really great.  He is a natural and I can imagine that he hasn't realized it is a strength yet.  He is smarter than he knows and,  after taking the SAT and applying for LDS church schools, I am finally seeing that he is ready to fly away from home.  I'm gonna miss my first baby and I'm extremely proud of his confidence and desire to be successful.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chamber Choir

Thought you'd all enjoy the video I shot at David's first choir concert this past Wednesday.
Just click HERE

Here are a few Sr. pics too!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Its been crazy

So much has happened since I blogged last.  The most difficult being Jason's experience with shingles.  He is doing much better now thanks to all of your kind thoughts and prayers.  I don't even know how to start explaining the last 6 weeks but it turns out that we learned to appreciate all that we have and I guess that's what I want you all to know.
Enjoy the moment you are living in now, enjoy your kids, enjoy being alive!

Here are some random photos:
We celebrated a close friend's wedding this weekend.

Me all dolled up for said wedding.

Olivia and Micah with The Boys

My newly tiled laundry room.

Work is as crazy as home but I love it.

Homecoming 2016

Swap Meet- our first!

There were a lot of old guys and license plates at the swap meet.

Leavenworth Half Marathon

Yes, I park on a pad now.  Can't ruin the floor!

Senior pics were taken- soon to be shared.

My new oven is amazing.

Love my new kitchen.  Worth the wait but possibly the reason for the shingles.  Eek!

I never knew a fridge could look so clean.